Duality is the property or character of what is double or contains in itself two natures, two substances, two principles … dualitas

The process of transforming the fibres has this double character, that of work and that of pleasure; of connection with the earth and connection with the spirit; that of traditional skills and that of the art of design; of the colour of the plants and the colour of nature; the animal world and the world of plants; of tradition and of modernity

Dualitas is a mixture of these fibres, colours, ideas.

Many hours of work in selection, washing, carding and wool spinning. The enjoyment of spinning different fibres and playing with textures.

Connecting with earth and nature during the wash; learning from each fleece the story of that sheep. Meditating while spinning; the turning of the wheel and the transformation of matter and soul.

Combining artisan techniques learned over the years with the artistic gift we all possess.

Looking for colours in nature, gathering leaves and bark and falling in love with the tonalities of the fibres.

To love and respect flora and fauna in every sense, to thank their contribution to my life and to unite them in creation is the main aim of this way of life project.

Conserving and transmitting traditions while giving them a modern approach.

Dualitas, limited edition of yarns for knitting, crochet or single loom projects.

handspun wool

White mallorcan sheep wool and silk. (Traditional spinning and core spinning technique)

spanish wool

White mallorcan sheep wool  and white alpaca. Hand dyed with eucalyptus barks collected in Vilafranca de Bonany.

wool and bamboo

White mallorcan sheep wool and bamboo fibers. Traditional spinning and corespinning techniques. Hand dyed with olive leaves collected in Consell.

handspun yarn

White mallorcan sheep wool and grey alpaca. Natural colors.

handspun yarn

White mallorcan sheep wool and soybean fiber. Hand dyed with pomegranate skins collected in Camí de Coanegra, Santa María del Camí.

alpaca and wool

White mallorcan sheep wool and grey alapaca. Before plying I hand dyed white wool with campeche.