Natural dyeing workshop


I have been experimenting with natural dyes since 2010. I’m passionate about the process, alchemy and results of dyeing.

I started experimenting with a friend. Later on I participated in a course in the Pyrenees. The next year I attended a workshop with Edith Schaar, a german textile artist. Then I participated in a workshop at the university with Rosa Bosch.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriela Luján, a teacher and transmitter of the ancestral knowledge of the of South America native people. During her visit to Mallorca, she taught us how to dye and how to weave on her waist loom. She brought us local plants and told us about the plants of her birthplace. She explained the importance of making a conscious harvest, respecting the environment and the Pachamama. She brought us cochineal, yerba mate, wild carrot and Cina Cina. We worked with color modifiers and she showed us how to use ash to improve dyes. It was an introduction to an exciting world of color and wool. We could see her yarns, with their perfect and uniform spin, which we used for dyeing.

Gabriela is a publisher not only of dyes, but also of botany, food and culture among other things. She came from the Natural and Cultural Reserve of Cerro Colorado and is carrying out the Monte tus Tintes project. I hope she returns to Mallorca to share her knowledge.

It doesn’t matter how many dye workshops I go to, I always learn something new, I always take a little more knowledge to apply to my projects and improve the technique.

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