Natural Dyes


taller de tintes naturales

 After many years experimenting, researching, reading, testing and failing … I now dare to give my first natural dyes workshop.

I have learned from craftsmen, artists, chemists, and amateurs many techniques, plants, colors and different ways of obtaining natural dyes.

 I have met artists who have made color and dyes a way of life. With others who transmit ancestral knowledge learned from their forefathers and that not only give color to a garment but make each process a ritual in itself.

 I have met people who dye with a recipe and others who will adapt the techniques to their needs and yet others who dye by intuition.

I want to share what I have learned so far. I`m aware that I still have a lot to research and study, but I think its a good time to start communicating and transmitting knowledge.

I want to share with you my passion for color. 
This workshop is for people who want to aproach the world
of natural dyes.
It is a basic workshop, in which you will receive the essential notions for taking  your first steps in this technique. We will use leaves, bark, roots and more to get a basic color palette. We will prepare a sample and we will take the recipes for repeating at home.
We will learn to:
• Create a home kit for our dyes.
• Prepare the fiber to be dyed.
• About dyeing plants, fruits and condiments.
• To dye!

Price: 130,00€