Handspun sheep wool. Limited edition of blue and white yarns.


Limited edition.

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Handspun mallorcan sheep wool. The wool have been hand washed with natural soap. Then carded with a drum electrict carder. After that I spun the wool with a spinningwheel. Finally, the yarns were soaked and dryed.  This is an exclusive selection of white mallorcan wool and blue german wool. Limited edition.
The irregularity of the thickness make these yarns unique pieces for our projects of crochet, two needles or loom.

The creation of all my yarns is a slow process that cannot be rushed.
All skeins are the result of processing  raw fleeces. I brush them  to remove all dirt. Then I wash it several times so that the fibers are clean and smooth. Carding is done very carefully so I get to remove the last traces of waste.

Yarn spinning is the final process. During this phase, I chose the thickness that will be thread. Sometimes it is smooth and fine, others thick and irregular. All the production is done in Mallorca, Spain. I work on a little farm, using recycle materials to build tools and equipment. Mu yarns is an ethical and sustainable project. All the process are respectfull with the enviroment.

Many dye baths, hand picking, blending or combing to create unique colourways and textures that can make a yarn come alive.
I am all about quality and use the best fleece I can get my hands on.

Color: blue and white

Fiber: 100% sheep wool.

Meterage: 57m / 62 yards. Approximate length

Bulky. 100gr

Ply: 2 ply

Yarn origin: Mallorca, Spain and Germany.

While I do my best to represent the colors of my yarns and fibers accurately, they may vary due to different monitors.








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